Brad Stewart Guitar  
Gregg Stewart Bass  
Gym Stoffer Vocals  
LonPaul Ellrich Drums  

Active: 1987 - 1989
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Notes: Din was formed around Herron School of Art in Indianapolis during late 1987. They practiced in LonPaul & Gym's house on Talbot St. in a room filled with noisemaking objects. Marimbas, metal pieces, chimes and flutes augmented guitars, drums & bass. They used cymbals to play guitar solos and beat on gourds and plastic. Songs about animals and trains. They played parties and shows around the Herron area, often leaving the audience speechless and hungry for more. Din's strange, powerful, ugly/beautiful music displayed the creative trailblazing of its talented members.




Year: 1988

Notes: Recorded and produced on 4-track by Matt Sommers & LonPaul Ellrich. Performed, recorded, mixed and completed in one 24-hour session. Recorded at LonPaul's insidious mecca room at 16th & Delaware, Indianapolis. Digitized from original cassette by Matt Sommers.  More >>

Tracks: 12