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Artist: Fabulous Folkettes
Year: 2014

Notes: Written by Bob Sander, “Jacked!" is a meta-level radio-drama that unfolds during the famous game show: "What Were you Thinking?" and answers the often asked question: "What happens when you cross-breed a fractured folktale with The Fire Sign Theater.

This radio show could also be called “Stacked” — there are so many intellectual and humorous layers to it, all so seamlessly integrated that it's fun rather than suffocating. It even includes two dance breaks. The actors read from scripts on music stands, with a couple of foley artists (Matt and Holly Sommers) off to the side, and the studio audience acting as chorus on command. All of the actors are excellent. Bob Barton, Travis DiNicola, Sue Grizzell, and Ken Oguss play multiple roles. Playwright Bob Sander is the Narrator and Jim Poyser is adorable as the semi-psychotic Jack, of Jack and the Beanstalk fame. 4.5 stars
— Hope Baugh, NUVO Newsweekly


1 Jacked! -Performance 8-17-2014   53:12 Download Play MP3
2 Jacked! -Performance 8-19-2014   55:08 Download Play MP3
3 Stalker - commercial   01:47 Download Play MP3