Fabulous Folkettes

Bob Barton Commercial voices, Host  
Bob Sander Narrator  
Holly Sommers Foley  
Jim Poyser Jack, Announcer  
Ken Oguss Giant  
Matt Sommers Foley  
Sue Grizzell Assistant, Giant's wife  
Travis DiNicola Announcer  
Will Gould Jack  

Active: 2014 - present
Location: Indianapolis

Notes: Tonight’s show, “JACKED”, is a proud production of the FOLKETTE CORPORATION, and features the THE FABULOUS FOLKETTES. Thank you everyone and a warm welcome from “The Lunatic Fringe”, the nearly inscrutable radio show that brings you not only famous folktales, but also the iconic characters that star in them. And all this just so you can ask those wild and unpredictable folktale rogues: “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”




Year: 2014

Notes: Written by Bob Sander, “Jacked!" is a meta-level radio-drama that unfolds during the famous game show: "What Were you Thinking?" and answers the often asked question: "What happens when you cross-breed a fractured folktale with The Fire Sign Theater.

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Tracks: 3