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Topped With Fudge 1

Artist: Topped With Fudge
Year: 1991

Notes: Congratulations! You now own a copy of Topped with Fudge. This is a non-profit compilation tape of Indiana underground music. The idea behind this tape was to provide musicians (or anyone) with a chance to release their weirder audio urges upon the public. Most of these are home recordings from four-tracks and jam-boxes. If we were trying to make money, we couldn't do this. Think of this tape as desert: Enjoy!

The Fudge Makers would like to thank Chip Berge and September Recording for remastering everybody's cheapo recordings. Without their help these tapes would've sounded like... fudge.

1 track notesbirdy   01:34 Download Play MP3
2 track notescontroversy   02:27 Download Play MP3
3 track notesduet   01:45 Download Play MP3
4 track notesmy funny valentine   02:04 Download Play MP3
5 track notesclamp up   03:57 Download Play MP3
6 track notessunshine superman   02:23 Download Play MP3
7 track notesthe noise upstairs   02:51 Download Play MP3
8 track notesdiamanda's teeth in a little plastic box   04:00 Download Play MP3
9 track notestrash icon   02:33 Download Play MP3
10 track notesin my eyes   03:38 Download Play MP3
11 track noteswould my country die for me?   03:10 Download Play MP3
12 track notessurfin'   03:10 Download Play MP3
13 track notesit was probably the music   04:29 Download Play MP3
14 track noteswe're doin' cooters   03:15 Download Play MP3
15 track noteswhat a wonderful message   01:10 Download Play MP3