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Odds & Ends

Artist: Chanty Boys
Year: 2014

Notes: Ken and I are old enough to collect Social Security now. Ain’t it great? On the other hand, we’ve already enjoyed the fruits of real, actual “social security” for several decades: Making and sharing music with friends. Public performance is fun, but better still are all the informal gatherings when music just gets made for the sheer joy of it. And if there’s something that more tightly knits a community of friends together over time than sharing music…I don’t know what it is. (OK, OK. Food is right up there too.) These songs are meant to represent that spirit. Mostly ‘back-of-the-refrigerator’ songs (you find ‘em when you finally clean up)…they’ve still got lots of flavor and life. Just like all leftovers. Hell, what am I saying—just like Ken and I. So here’s our Odds And Ends collection. Enjoy. Hope you’re hungry.

Thanks: We sound better than we have any right to expect only because Matt Sommers is a deft touch and a friggin’ genius. Thanks, Mr. Matt. Our cover art is by Holly Sommers. Thanks, Holly, for your creative eye.

1 track notesWell May The World Go   02:48 Download Play MP3
2 track notesHalleluja   04:15 Download Play MP3
3 track notesIf I Had My Way / Hambone   06:53 Download Play MP3
4 track notesHomeless Brother   04:42 Download Play MP3
5 track notesSong of the Lower Classes   04:30 Download Play MP3
6 track notesThe Host Of The Air / Jacque Stewart   06:28 Download Play MP3
7 track notesWalking Down the Line   02:23 Download Play MP3
8 track notesSuperman's Song   03:36 Download Play MP3
9 track notesThe Dutchman   04:31 Download Play MP3
10 track notesFarewell Old Friend   02:58 Download Play MP3
11 track notesSongs for Old Men   04:29 Download Play MP3
12 track notesHard Times   03:12 Download Play MP3