Chanty Boys

Bob Sander Vocal, guitar, percussion  
Ken Langell Vocal, guitar, percussion  

Active: 1977 - present
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Notes: There was a stairwell in the old Glendale Mall that had awesome acoustics. I know this because one day, on a whim, Ken Langell and I sang a chanty in there. Only we weren't alone. Up top people had gathered silently. They wouldn't come down for fear of interrupting us, Sea Chantys bubbling forth from stairwells are ... uncommon. Folks were surprised and delighted.

At song's end applause rained down. Our turn to be surprised and delighted.

We took that show on the road for a few years (less the stairwell). What a time. When you are twenty something and the newly discovered world of traditional music lands in your lap like a great big, delicious cake ... there's no way you can eat too much of it.

That was at least 35 years ago.

-Bob Sander, 2012


Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Year: 2014

Notes: Ken and I are old enough to collect Social Security now. Ain’t it great? On the other hand, we’ve already enjoyed the fruits of real, actual “social security” for several decades: Making and sharing music with friends. Public performance is fun, but better still are all the informal gatherings wh...  More >>

Tracks: 12




Year: 2012

Notes: Since my grey hair doesn't seem to be turning black again (sigh), I've decided to record some of my favorite music while I'm 'still on the right side of the grass', as my dad used to say. This collection of Ken and me is mostly a keepsake for my kids. But it's for you, too. To hear what the folks...  More >>

Tracks: 17