Stealing Volume

Ben Schimmel Vocals, guitar  
Dave Barajas Bass  
Lanny Boles Lead guitar  
Scott H8 Drums  
Scott Lamb Bass  

Active: 2007 - present
Location: Indianapolis

Notes: Stealing Volume formed in 2007 uniting musicians from several local bands. The first official line up included Ben Schimmel (Dirty Little Secrets & The Jabs) on guitar and vocals, Lanny Boles (Lines of Nazca & NowhereGoodFast) on lead guitar, David Barajas (State & Extra Blue Kind) on bass guitar and Scott Tolley (NowhereGoodFast & 19Clark25) on drums. They solidified their sound and checked into The Music Garage to record what would become a very highly regarded 5 song demo release. Later that year the band won the “Best New Band Award” from Punk Rock Night, an over 10 year old national and local punk showcase taking place weekly at the Historic Melody Inn on Saturday evenings. David excused himself from the band when he and his wife were blessed with their first child. Scott Lamb hailing from The Giggies (a band featuring punk rock legend Bruce Stuckey from Toxic Reasons) was then welcomed into the band on bass guitar. David still has close ties with the band and joined them recently in the studio to help finish what will soon become their debut LP. Stealing Volume plays regularly locally and regionally and has garnered a loyal and enthusiastic fan base.


Stealing Volume

Stealing Volume

Year: 2011

Notes: Recorded at The Music Garage, Indianapolis.  More >>

Tracks: 12