Broken Vows

Adam Jarrett Guitar  
Brad Wallace Drums  
Chad Kebrdle Vocals  
Gregg Kendall Bass  
Steve Armstrong Vocals  

Active: 1989 - 1991
Location: Kokomo, IN

Notes: Somewhere around the turn of the 90's, a group of newly legal drinkers got together and formed a band they dubbed Broken Vows. The original lineup consisted of Brad Wallace on drums, Adam Jarrett on guitar, Gregg Kendall on bass, and Steve Armstrong on Vocals. They developed a strong group of songs and began playing out. Chad Kebrdle joined the band on rhythm guitar for one just show - a local country music contest which they ironically won! Though they were cheated out of the prize, the band trudged on. For reasons unknown in retrospect, Steve Armstrong was then replaced by Chad Kebrdle on vocals. Their sole recording marked the beginning of a short stint of mayhem and Mickey's bigmouths that trekked through the Kokomo area with a head of steam, but ultimately burnt out like a filterless Camel.


Broken Vows

Broken Vows

Year: 1990

Notes: Band members on this recording: Chad, Brad, Gregg, Adam. Recorded in 1990, live on the Havens Auditorium stage in Kokomo, IN. Recorded by Jeff Gegner. Produced by Charlie Stepp. Digitized from cassette by M. Sommers.  More >>

Tracks: 9