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View from the 11th Dimension

Artist: Susan Morris
Year: 2011

Notes: This is my debut solo release, and I am so excited to finally bring it to fruition and have the opportunity to share it with you! This record has been born from many years of work, a true labor of love. Even as the music is dark, my hope is that it is not mistaken for depressing or sullen, but seen rather as a counterpoint for a more complex view of the human experience. I had an amazing time creating this record...enjoy!

Written and recorded by Susan Morris.
Mixed and mastered by Matt Sommers at mediumFUSION.


1 track noteshollow way   04:05 Play MP3
2 whirlpool   03:05 Play MP3
3 track notesone foot over   03:03 Play MP3
4 i am the rain   03:58 Play MP3
5 little dance   01:20 Play MP3
6 track notesdemon haunted world   02:50 Play MP3
7 track notesbathory's bane   04:03 Play MP3
8 track notesbreathing in   04:07 Play MP3
9 awakening   00:58 Play MP3
10 one more chance   03:32 Play MP3
11 autumn memory   03:49 Play MP3