Susan Morris

Susan Morris Vocals, keyboards, violin, bass, guitar  

Active: 1990 - present
Location: Indianapolis

Notes: My name is Susan Morris, and above all else I consider myself an artist who happens to live most of my life in the 9 to 9 world. Even as everything else in life has changed, music has been a constant- it cleanses me from worry, the darkness and the mundane. It's also a great tool for avoiding the laundry and the dinner dishes! The piano is my first love, but I have also grown quite fond of the violin and bass guitar. Over the years, I've been very fortunate to play with a variety of talented musicians and bands ranging from the avant garde to indie rock. It is my one sincere hope that through music I may be able to connect with others, to spark an emotion, to share these creations that have become living, breathing creatures in their own right.


View from the 11th Dimension

View from the 11th Dimension

Year: 2011

Notes: This is my debut solo release, and I am so excited to finally bring it to fruition and have the opportunity to share it with you! This record has been born from many years of work, a true labor of love. Even as the music is dark, my hope is that it is not mistaken for depressing or sullen, but se...  More >>

Tracks: 11