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Move All You Wanna

Artist: The Shivers
Year: 2004

Notes: Recorded at the Engine Room in Indianapolis by Jim Kuczkowski. This album features the lineup of Royston Lloyd, Mike Shimmercore, Dave Lawlis, and Chad Wells.


1 Ice Cream Van   2:15 Play MP3
2 Move All You Wanna   2:46 Play MP3
3 Tiramisu   3:01 Play MP3
4 She's Got The Thyme   2:34 Play MP3
5 Pixydust and Voodoo   2:46 Play MP3
6 She's My DJ   2:45 Play MP3
7 Like Cleopatra   2:40 Play MP3
8 RMN   2:44 Play MP3
9 Beat Girl   0:47 Play MP3