The Shivers

A.C. Foster Bass  
Chad "Wick" Wells Drums  
Dave Lawlis Bass / Vocals  
Michael Daubs Drums  
Mike Shimmercore Guitar / Vocals  
Mikey Theodore Drums  
Royston Lloyd Guitar / Vocals  
Shawn Delaney Guitar / Vocals  

Active: 2001 - 2006
Location: Indianapolis, IN


From one-time Shivers drummer, Chad Wells:

"The Shivers were a band that went through several phases during its time. Many rotating band members, and nearly as many sounds. Starting off as a bit of shoegaze Brit-pop, morphing into something between that and garage, then finally into a more straight-up garage sound, all the while keeping a good amount of "mod sensibility". What follows is a blurb I found on a Spanish-language blog about our only full-length album. I think it described the Shivers fairly well."


Via http://modforever.blogspot.com/2009/06/shivers-move-al-you-wanna-2004.html

"The Shivers are a band that formed in 2001 in Indianapolis and were formed by Englishman, Royston Lloyd. The band played their first show in January of 2002. Currently, they are known as purveyors of 60's influenced garage-freakbeat-rock music. The Shivers were inspired by many bands of the 60's and 70's, such as The Small Faces, The Pretty Things, The Sorrows, ? and the Mysterians, The Action and The Buzzcocks. However, in their earliest incarnation they had leanings that were more of the brit-pop variety. Known in the Midwest of the USA as a band that performs catchy, exciting songs with much exuberance."


Move All You Wanna

Move All You Wanna

Year: 2004

Notes: Recorded at the Engine Room in Indianapolis by Jim Kuczkowski. This album features the lineup of Royston Lloyd, Mike Shimmercore, Dave Lawlis, and Chad Wells.  More >>

Tracks: 9