Pink Torpedoes

Alan Schwartz Bass  
Bill Abresch Bass  
Boz Anderson Vocals  
Brad Williams Vocals, guitar  
Craig Schiltz Drums  
Erny Cleaver Drums  
Jay Cox Drums  
Jeff Peters Bass  
John Frazier Vocals, guitar  
Kirk Frederickson Drums  
Scarlett Lerche Vocals  
Scott Dewitt Drums  

Active: 1985 - 2000
Location: Kokomo, IN

Notes: Formed in 1985 by John Frazier and Brad Williams, Pink Torpedoes played throughout Indiana for over 2 years before disbanding. The group reformed briefly in 2000 to perform at a benefit concert for local sound engineer Kent Hedges.


Live at Forest Park Live

Live at Forest Park Live

Year: 2000

Notes: Recorded in 2000, during a brief reformation to perform at a benefit concert for Kent Hedges. Forest Park Live, Kokomo Indiana.  More >>

Tracks: 2