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Permanent Midnight

Artist: Dark Matter Halos
Year: 2010

Notes: "With Permanent Midnight, Dark Matter Halos take us on a musical tour, that one could imagine coming from a more-rock-less-talk Bongwater or a more-gritty-less-twee Quasi, and ultimately map out an audio Rorschach test on which we can project influences as varied as Royal Trux, Pink Floyd and This Mortal Coil without sacrificing the singular DMH sound. A fantastic album in the classic sense, it reveals more of itself with each listen." -jefree nothing

Produced by M. Sommers @ mediumFUSION. Assistant Engineering by Matt Walden. Cover design by Jeff Weissenberger


1 track notesin a forest   03:57 Play MP3
2 track notesminds are working overtime   03:10 Play MP3
3 track notesmonkey on the vine   03:06 Play MP3
4 track notesburning churches   03:32 Play MP3
5 track notesyou'll never walk alone   04:43 Play MP3
6 track noteshear the guns   03:32 Play MP3
7 track notespure   03:26 Play MP3
8 track noteslights on the skyway   03:23 Play MP3
9 track notesgypsy hag   03:22 Play MP3
10 track notesthe cold burn   03:17 Play MP3