Bag of Elbows

Andrew Nord Bass  
Dave Boyd Drums  
Rick Nagy Vocals, Guitar  

Active: 1988 - 1990
Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Notes: The name 'Bag of Elbows' comes from this line in the 1985 movie Witness: "...when you drink a lot of beer you say things like 'none of the other police know a crook from a bag of elbows!'". The band was formed in Bloomington, IN, by IU students Rick, Andrew, and Dave Levinsky (guitar and vocals). From a friend of friend, Dave Boyd met Rick, auditioned for and then joined along with Scott Southwick (vocals). The quintet played a couple parties and bars around town, including 33 Steps, The Bluebird, and the Video Saloon. Dave Levinsky left the band to work on his thesis, and Scott parted ways to become an internet baron. That's when Bag of Elbows became the power pop trio featured on these recordings.


The Average Collection

The Average Collection

Year: 1989

Notes: These songs were recorded on 4-track cassette in the basement of a student rental near the IU Bloomington campus. The 4-track belonged to Grant Barger, who recorded the Bag of Elbows so he should be credited with engineering, while production credit goes to BoE. "Cynical Types" and "Average Man"...  More >>

Tracks: 5