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Artist: Soulpaint
Year: 1995

Notes: Not long after My Confidant was released, we started going through bass players like Spinal Tap went through drummers. In the midst of all of this confusion, we decided to release a CD in 1993. None of us were too happy with the results, but we did manage to find a solid bass player in Grady Drew (and also with his eventual replacement, Brandon Avery). Shortly after, we wrote/recorded an inspired batch of new songs with Grady that, in our minds, smoked the CD that was just released and was way more representative of where we were going. As a result, the promotion of the "official" release was short lived and there are boxes of those CDs sitting in someone's (?) basement.

Combining the best bits of both recordings (as well as later recordings with Brandon), this particular collection (songs 1 through 11) is a good representation of the album we would've released if we had only held out a little while longer.

Also featured here are various outtakes from these sessions, as well as the last two songs written and recorded by the band ("Big Rock n Roll" and "Solar K" - recorded in 1995 by Gym Stoffer of Acid Green) - recordings that haven't seen the light of day until now.

John Zeps - guitars / Todd Cravens - vocals, guitars / A.J. McKinney - drums / Brandon Avery - bass / Mike Tarr - bass / Grady Drew - bass

Recorded and mixed by Mike Kelsey at Kelsey's Playground / Tracks 19 and 20 recorded by Gym Stoffer at 4706 N. College.


1 track noteslight years away   02:16 Play MP3
2 track noteseyes are under   02:01 Play MP3
3 track noteseat your own   04:17 Play MP3
4 track notesmrs. buckaloo   07:06 Play MP3
5 track notestroy bass   02:59 Play MP3
6 track notesunderground   02:25 Play MP3
7 track notesfossil   04:17 Play MP3
8 track notesmad dog 20/20   02:21 Play MP3