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My Confidant

Artist: Soulpaint
Year: 1992

Notes: The sessions for this album document our first experience in a "real" studio. We were referred to Kelsey's Playground by our good friends, the Young Lords, and, in turn, we referred Gravelbed, Neurotic Box, Acid Green, et al. Local punk rock mogul Marvin P. Goldstein released 500 on cassette for us, and the rest, as they say, is history. Also included are the various outtakes from these sessions.

John Zeps- guitars, vocals / Todd Cravens- lead vocals, guitars / Mike Tarr- bass, vocal / A.J. McKinney- drums, vocals

Recorded in 1991 and 1992 at Kelsey’s Playground by Mike Kelsey.


1 track notesache   03:13 Play MP3
2 track notesbuzz   03:51 Play MP3
3 track notestwisted again   09:53 Play MP3
4 track notesa step away   04:54 Play MP3
5 track notesstepping stone   04:50 Play MP3
6 track notesgold   08:31 Play MP3
7 track noteskeeper   03:15 Play MP3
8 track notesauf wiedersehen   03:42 Play MP3