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Live '91

Artist: Soulpaint
Year: 1991

Notes: These live recordings are from a few early shows played in Bloomington and Indianapolis shortly after Zeps joined the band in late '90 and 'early '91. We played a few covers at this point because we didn't have enough originals to complete a set, and Zeps used to sing a few of them (like "You Got It" by Mudhoney, which we have no recorded documentation of, unfortunately). Lucky for us, not many people in Indiana had heard of Mudhoney, Nirvana, or Soundgarden (even the Stooges, for that matter) at the time, so the audience largely assumed they were hearing originals. Lucky for you, these recordings have Zeps tenure as a lead vocalist on record. Check out the covers of "School" and "In 'N' Outta Grace" (an enticing duet w/ Todd) if you refuse to believe the liner notes.

Recorded live at the Bluebird, Bloomington (2/91 and 03/91), and at the Ritz, Indianapolis (04/91), by the soundmen at the clubs.

John Zeps- guitar, vocals / A.J. McKinney- drums, backing vocals / Todd Cravens- vocals, guitar / Mike Tarr- bass.


1 down to nothing   06:39 Play MP3
2 the other side   05:27 Play MP3
3 track notesbreak on through   03:12 Play MP3
4 soul man   02:41 Play MP3
5 track notestv eye   03:01 Play MP3
6 buzz   03:50 Play MP3
7 something   04:37 Play MP3
8 spirit   05:12 Play MP3
9 keeper   03:23 Play MP3
10 track notesgun   04:43 Play MP3
11 track notesin n outta grace   05:15 Play MP3
12 track notesauf wiedersehen   03:55 Play MP3
13 track notesschool   02:32 Play MP3