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Group Buzz Theory

Artist: Soulpaint
Year: 1990

Notes: The self-released cassette was put out back in '90 when Kevin Rhodenbaugh was our vocalist. It was an exciting time for the band as we were brand new, inspired, and itching to get out of Kokomo and play as much as possible. We probably won't get any credit for our amazing production $kills on these recordings, but if one pays close attention, there is some really funny (read: not jaded) stuff on here. Also of note is the very first recording (song # 16) that set the whole bag of fleas in motion.

Recorded on 4-track in 1990 by Soulpaint at the Learner Mansion.

Todd Cravens- guitar, vocals / Mike Tarr- bass / Kevin Rhodenbaugh- lead vocals, guitar on track 17 / A.J. McKinney- drums.


1 track notessoulman   02:52 Play MP3
2 track notessomething   04:33 Play MP3
3 track notesthe other side   05:33 Play MP3
4 track notesspirit   05:23 Play MP3
5 track notesthe gut   01:53 Play MP3
6 track notesprayer   01:50 Play MP3
7 track notesstepping stone   04:31 Play MP3
8 track noteseat the dead   02:23 Play MP3
9 track noteshunted down (demo '89)   02:33 Play MP3
10 track notesbackwoods (demo '89)   02:25 Play MP3
11 track notesbela lugosi's dead (demo '89)   05:20 Play MP3
12 track notesout of the black (instrumental demo '89)   02:13 Play MP3
13 track notesastronomy domine (instrumental demo '89)   04:57 Play MP3
14 track notesspirit (demo '89)   05:22 Play MP3
15 track notesstepping stone (demo '89)   04:38 Play MP3
16 track notessomething (instrumental demo '88)   03:09 Play MP3
17 track notespassion of lovers (live '89)   02:48 Play MP3
18 track notesexpressway to your skull (live '89)   03:24 Play MP3