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Two Soft Spoken Geniuses

Artist: Baldwin Bros.
Year: 1986

Notes: Two Soft Spoken Geniuses is a collection of TJ and Jason's jams all though junior high and high school. Two copies were released on audio-cassette in 1986; however, Jason lost his - leaving only one known copy in existence. (Ironically enough, Matt Sommers had Jason's copy.)

While other guys were out developing their social skills, TJ and Jason worked their summers away in a dark basement. They dubbed the basement "Tripped Studio" and equiped it with a Teac 4-Track reel-to-reel, along with various other gear borrowed from Jason's dad. Many a quirky jam was put to tape; however, the mass public of 1986 was not ready for this kind of music. The jams were produced for one purpose only - their own entertainment.

1 ode to my baldwin   01:03 Download Play MP3
2 02451   01:48 Download Play MP3
3 hooked on candyland   00:31 Download Play MP3
4 spare parts   00:46 Download Play MP3
5 hawaii 5 oh my god   00:31 Download Play MP3
6 premature jazzulation   02:08 Download Play MP3
7 track noteskamikaze   03:28 Download Play MP3
8 ode to my baldwin (tj mix)   00:53 Download Play MP3