Baldwin Bros.

Jason Hinkle Guitar, Programming  
TJ Widner Keyboards, Programming  

Active: 1986 - present
Location: Kokomo, IN and Chicago, IL

Notes: The Baldwin Brothers began when Jason and TJ met in junior high in Kokomo, IN. The son of a musician, Jason was already playing guitar and bass, and was soon to add drums to his repertoire; he discovered TJ played piano (he had been taking lessons since age six) and invited him over to jam. In the Hinkle family's basement there was a treasure trove of recording gear. "It was a playground," says TJ. "There was a reel-to-reel recorder, a drum machine, and lots of toys and effects." In no time, the pair were experimenting with the equipment and taping their results. They often played with Dr. Zhivago's Forehead and collaborated with other musicians in the group Universal Mind.

Now based in Chicago, IL, Baldwin Bros. are still actively writing and performing.



Two Soft Spoken Geniuses

Two Soft Spoken Geniuses

Year: 1986

Notes: Two Soft Spoken Geniuses is a collection of TJ and Jason's jams all though junior high and high school. Two copies were released on audio-cassette in 1986; however, Jason lost his - leaving only one known copy in existence. (Ironically enough, Matt Sommers had Jason's copy.)

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Tracks: 8