Matt Sommers & Jeff Sample

Jeff Sample Everything  
Matt Sommers Everything  

Active: 1982 - present
Location: Kokomo and Indianapolis, IN

Notes: Matt and Jeff have known each other since they were 2 and have been making odd music for just about as long. When they were in junior high school, they spent their time making "comedy tapes" that no one heard. Full of post-modern skits about talk shows, theme music and common household item advertisements, this duo evolved from simple songwriters into commanding orators of pop culture dichotomies. Continuing this trend through high school, where they were promptly kicked off the radio for profanity, they often gathered around any available microphone to extemporaneously create madness. With the help of alcohol and a sick sense of humor, they continue to offend in the band Lines of Nazca.


Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

Year: 2007

Notes: Spanning 4 decades of maddness, and at last all on one album, M&J's Greatest Hits contain many memorable numbers for the whole family to enjoy. Beginning in 1980 with two twelve year olds and a microphone making sonic history, this compilation takes us on an enjoyable ride down the much trodden r...  More >>

Tracks: 18