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Seven Trails West & High

Artist: Miscellaneous Recordings
Year: 1987

Notes: Matt Sommers & Doug Bougher, at age 19, make a comical train wreck with this party record. Recorded in their first Indianapolis apartment, M & D adopt bad British accents and extemporaneously create odd stories, ridiculous scenarios and beat poetry. Delivered in "super stereo", this effort is only for the deranged or extremely bored. Yes, there was alcohol involved. Consider yourself warned.

1 a long, long time ago   00:33 Download Play MP3
2 the card game   07:41 Download Play MP3
3 drunk driving   02:32 Download Play MP3
4 go ahead   00:14 Download Play MP3
5 peopleramma   06:54 Download Play MP3
6 we need things   01:09 Download Play MP3
7 where we're all at   02:40 Download Play MP3