Xmas Recordings

Many People Many Instruments  

Active: 1990 - present
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Notes: Matt Sommers began recording friends, bands & acquaintances playing their versions of Xmas and holiday songs back in 1990. Since then, the archive of festive tunes has grown to encompass hard rock, rap, classical and jazz compositions. Even kids from the Indianapolis children's choir appear on a few songs. These tracks range from somber to strange. See track notes for full details. A worthy addition to any holiday collection. Enjoy.


Xmas Recordings

Xmas Recordings

Year: 2007

Notes: Xmas music produced by and played by M. Sommers with various bands and friends. Recorded to 4-track tape, computer and sometimes cassette, these songs represent efforts made by many people over many years. See track notes for details.  More >>

Tracks: 43