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Live at Herron 1985

Artist: African Sleeping Sickness
Year: 1985

Notes: It was in the fall during Herron's student art show. We thought it was a good idea to bring a little of home with us as we pulled out of Devon Woods and grabbed cornstalks to decorate the stage. The show was the usual gathering of Talbot Street zombies and critics. Streaming from the ceiling on one end of the gym were gobs of 35 mm film of some late 70's flick. There is nothing quite so exhilarating as seeing the eyes of would-be artists in total shock. Chad screaming "No Eyelids, No Eylids!" while slinging those dried out cornstalks. The dust went everywhere. We could barely keep our eyes open during the set. The crowd in attendance hated us. We cleared the room, or rather, the cornstalks did. That is Pure art! Some tall dracula-looking dude came up to Brad and said, "Yeah, you ruined the evening, don't ruin the artwork!" He replied, "We gave you cornstalks!" and took some 35mm film anyway. Recorded by John Buetow at Herron School of Art museum building, 16th and Talbot, Indianapolis.

1 why are there parades?   01:15 Download Play MP3
2 dirt   02:00 Download Play MP3
3 poseur song   01:32 Download Play MP3
4 the bucket   03:37 Download Play MP3
5 winnie the pooh   01:21 Download Play MP3
6 get a job   03:24 Download Play MP3
7 dress code   02:39 Download Play MP3
8 we're destroying ourselves   01:47 Download Play MP3
9 country schools   02:04 Download Play MP3
10 authority withdraw   03:27 Download Play MP3
11 cavity creeps / earthworm soup   04:22 Download Play MP3
12 my turn   02:52 Download Play MP3
13 no eyelids   02:16 Download Play MP3
14 you are scared   02:54 Download Play MP3
15 the claude hop   02:45 Download Play MP3
16 johnny b goode   02:39 Download Play MP3