Similar Differences

Brad Wallace Drums  
Dave Arnold Bass  
Matt Sommers Guitar  
Troy Stodgell Vocals  

Active: 1983 - 1984
Location: Kokomo, Indiana

Notes: Kokomo, Indiana in the early 80's was a sad and lonely place to grow up. To combat their frustrations, these four friends began learning how to play their instruments and started composing punk songs in Brad and Troy's garages. Often humorous and angry at the same time, their racket became the bane of all who lived close by. Similar Differences played a few parties and were written about in the Kokomo High yearbook. Later, with the addition of Matt Walden, this band became A.W.O.L. (see other entry).


Dance On Your Dog

Dance On Your Dog

Year: 1983

Notes: Recorded straight to portable cassette player in Brad & Troy's garages, this effort combines guitars and drums with power tools and trash cans. True garage punk! Digitized from original cassette by M. Sommers.  More >>

Tracks: 10