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Live @ the Dock Dance

Artist: Serum 114
Year: 1986

Notes: Recorded live at a Purdue (West Lafayette, IN) outdoor dock dance, this recording is perhaps not the best introduction to the band's music. Out of tune, out of time and joined by the world's worst backup singers, Serum 114 enthusiastically attempts to rock out for one sad half hour before a disinterested crowd of five. Recorded from the mixing board, digitized by M. Sommers.

1 behind my back   03:39 Download Play MP3
2 slave   03:46 Download Play MP3
3 misty mountain   03:31 Download Play MP3
4 picture of heaven   03:48 Download Play MP3
5 choke   02:52 Download Play MP3
6 kokomo (let's not go)   03:45 Download Play MP3
7 eat me   04:40 Download Play MP3