Psychic Disciples

Chris Coffey Drums  
Dave Arnold Guitar  
Gregg Kendall Bass  
Jack Dempsey Vocals  
Matt Sommers Guitar  

Active: 1987 - 1987
Location: Kokomo, Indiana

Notes: The Disciples were a late 80"s Kokomo metal-punk-death band. They practiced in Dave Arnold's garage and performed in Kokomo and Indianapolis. The band was fronted by the energetic Jack Dempsey and was a tornado of guitar onstage. They recorded one demo in Dave's garage on a portable cassette recorder.


The Final Hush

The Final Hush

Year: 1987

Notes: Basically the live set played straight through. Recorded Dave Arnold's garage on a portable cassette recorder. Digitized by M. Sommers.  More >>

Tracks: 14