Kevin Rhodenbaugh Fire, Water  
Todd Cravens Wind, Earth  

Active: 1987 - 1987
Location: Muncie, Indiana

Notes: The NonReturnables was a project that Kevin Rhodenbaugh and Todd Cravens cooked up when they were roomies at Ball State in the fall of '87. However groundbreaking these sessions might sound to the fully-developed ear, the duo have sworn to never reveal the recording techniques, facilities, and/or equipment used for these tracks. This has attracted much ire from local musicians seeking to unlock the secrets of these (monu)mental field recordings.


We've Come for the Ghost of Miriam Seegar

We've Come for the Ghost of Miriam Seegar

Year: 1987

Notes: Ol sonf vorsg, goho iad balt, lonsh calz vonpho: sobra z-ol ror i ta nazpsad graa ta malprg: ds holq qaa nothoa zimz, od commah ta nobloh zien: soba thil gnonp prge aldi, ds vrbs oboleh grsam. Casarm ohorela caba pir ds zonrensg cab erm iadnah. Pilah farzm znrza adna gono iadpil ds hom toh, soba ...  More >>

Tracks: 7