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Mobile Home

Artist: Mobile Home
Year: 1994

Notes: In July, 1994 Matt Sommers went to Mike Hanson's house to record Mobile home on 4 track. Only the bass player, the drummer, and Mike showed up, so they recorded naked beds to be filled in later by rhythm and lead guitar and backing vocals. 10 years later, Matt pulled out the never-finished cassette of these strange little recordings and added a some guitar to complete the effort. The result is presented here, in the spirit of Mobile Home. Everybody's moving on and sometimes you get left behind... Produced & digitized by M. Sommers.

1 mobile home   02:28 Download Play MP3
2 someone   01:56 Download Play MP3
3 sleeping   02:07 Download Play MP3
4 st. james infirmary   03:44 Download Play MP3