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Recorded at TBS Studios

Artist: Mind Altering Substances
Year: 1986

Notes: While working on the Mind Altering Substances project, John Buetow recorded and produced many different sessions in his basement studio (TBS), often extemporaneously, often wildly experimental. After combing through miles of tape, here are some gems from that era for you to enjoy. Some tracks are just bits of unrealized songs. Some tracks are unique happenings caught on tape. All are strange and fascinating glimpses into a specific time and place, that very room with that very sound. So very Buetow.

All songs recorded and produced by John Buetow. See individual track details for names of artist performing.

1 track noteshello   00:31 Download Play MP3
2 track notesa conversation   00:53 Download Play MP3
3 track notesblood red   03:13 Download Play MP3
4 track notesnighthawks (alt take)   03:36 Download Play MP3
5 track notesgo   01:44 Download Play MP3
6 track notesthe nightmare from the bed 2   00:40 Download Play MP3
7 track notesdon't do it maddie   00:52 Download Play MP3
8 track notesattention kmart shoppers   05:46 Download Play MP3
9 track notesthank you very much   02:10 Download Play MP3
10 track notestalkie   01:42 Download Play MP3
11 track notesquadraitic equations   01:55 Download Play MP3
12 track notesthe nightmare from the bed   00:38 Download Play MP3
13 track notesmandolin wind (instrumental)   03:58 Download Play MP3
14 track notestelephone   01:57 Download Play MP3
15 track notesroad to dispair (instrumental)   02:27 Download Play MP3
16 track notestrapped inside the apple crate   08:02 Download Play MP3
17 track notesstudio chatter   03:23 Download Play MP3