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Eat or Be Eaten (EP)

Artist: Mansons
Year: 1988

Notes: These demos were recorded at Kevin's parent's house sometime in the spring of '88 or so. You can tell that we had been listening to a lot of Iron Maiden and Metallica. Jello might even be singing about hobbits on "the Labyrinth," but who knows.

Recorded at Rhodenbaugh Audio, Kokomo, In. Recorded by the Mansons. Digitized by Todd Cravens.

1 anarchy in the uk   02:42 Download Play MP3
2 the trooper   04:03 Download Play MP3
3 the labyrinth   04:34 Download Play MP3
4 bloodstains   01:49 Download Play MP3
5 pain & pleasure   03:37 Download Play MP3
6 untitled   01:14 Download Play MP3