Madman in the Woods

Brad Wallace Drums, Vocals, Keyboard  
Chad Kebrdle Vocals, Guitar  
Matt Sommers Guitar, Vocals  

Active: 1984 - 1984
Location: Kokomo, Indiana

Notes: Part punk, part muppet and part hippie, Madman in the Woods was the result of 3 friends being obnoxious with a guitar, some drums and a casio keyboard. Only practicing and never playing live, MMITW created strange stories about the death of a donut and love with microwaves. They recorded one demo tape (often creating several vastly different takes of the same song) and, to make sure it was never heard, burried it on the back of an Air Supply cassette. We have dug up this strange gem to present to you now.


Madman in the Woods

Madman in the Woods

Year: 1984

Notes: Live recordings of organized chaos. Featuring songs that range from the abstract imagery of "Surfin pancake", the long, hilarious saga of "Clancy the donut" and the utter strangeness of "Brick farm". Recorded on portable cassette recorder. Digitized by M. Sommers.  More >>

Tracks: 21