Killing Floor

Chris Hogg Drums  
Jeff McClellan Keyboards  
Matt Sommers Vocals, Guitar  

Active: 1987 - 1987
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Notes: The Killing floor was a short-lived band that formed for a few weeks in '87 at Herron School of Art (Indianapolis). Matt put up fliers at the school, looking for people to jam with, Chris & Jeff answered the call. KF was the foundation of what later became Tin Lounge. Matt played guitar & sang, Jeff played Fender Rhodes and Chris kept time on the Drums. Shortly after beginning the band, it was decided that an instrument switch was in order (Jeff went to guitar and lead vocals. Matt picked up the bass) and Tin Lounge was formed.


First Practice

First Practice

Year: 1987

Notes: Recorded live to cassette in Chris Hogg's apartment (12th & Alabama) in Indianapolis. Digitized by M. Sommers.  More >>

Tracks: 4