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Artist: Lines of Nazca
Year: 2012

Notes: Celebrating their tenth anniversary as a group, the boys in black throw down six new tracks for your hungry ears. Recorded mostly live in Jeff Sample's basement, this EP marks the sixth regular release from Lines of Nazca. All six members contributed heavily to the songwriting, and the effort shows a wide range of styles and tones - all while staying true to the band's roots. Produced by M. Sommers + Lines of Nazca.

1 this ain't the first time   03:49 Download Play MP3
2 in it to win it   04:00 Download Play MP3
3 it don't take long   02:46 Download Play MP3
4 tuscaloosa   02:40 Download Play MP3
5 low   02:50 Download Play MP3
6 what you say   02:38 Download Play MP3