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Toe Jam

Artist: Gravelbed
Year: 1990

Notes: The very first Gravelbed recording. Recorded on 4-track cassette by Todd Cravens, this early work shows the essence of what was to be several solid GB songs. Featuring Jeff, Gregg and Brad, and joined by Todd Cravens on guitar, these tracks give a brief look at the explosive origins of this band.

"Human Fly" and "Happy Poppy" were recorded on 4-track in 1994 by Todd Cravens at 4706 N. College. All songs digitized by Todd Cravens.

1 life on a hill / fester   11:20 Download Play MP3
2 psuedo-intellectual bore   04:31 Download Play MP3
3 stagnation   04:21 Download Play MP3
4 track noteshappy poppy   01:20 Download Play MP3
5 track noteshuman fly   01:56 Download Play MP3