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Delusions of Grandeur

Artist: GoJaM
Year: 2000

Notes: Once upon a time, there was an angry man going through a divorce. To vent about his lot in life, he turned to writing bitter little songs of painful malice and woeful pitifulness. One day, his friend of several years suggested putting these songs to a greater musical purpose, reworking these songs, and writing yet more together. This album is the result of that collaboration. Though sometimes quirky, sometimes emotionally painful, it's honest. Delusions have the strength of their beliefs. Written and produced by J & M.

1 stop draggin' around   03:31 Download Play MP3
2 hit the ground running   03:16 Download Play MP3
3 king of your own world   03:28 Download Play MP3
4 testimony   04:23 Download Play MP3
5 self explanetory   03:40 Download Play MP3
6 question everything   03:20 Download Play MP3
7 cut and run   04:12 Download Play MP3
8 long black veil   04:24 Download Play MP3
9 since i fell for you   02:39 Download Play MP3