Gay Black Republican

Creepy 13 Drums  
Doc Gremore Vocals  
Lenen Nicola Drums  
Marty Green Drums  
Pooh Daddy Guitar  
Rich Barker Bass  
Sean Copley Drums  
Tony Garcia Vocals  

Active: 2001 - present
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Notes: GBR began in 2001 from the surviving members of the Repeat Offenders: Tony, Pooh and Lenen and the addition of Rich on bass while his other band was on break. The guys worked on putting together a live set and immediately played some shows including a startling appearance at the Melody Inn's Punk Rock Night. Before long they recorded a 4 song demo, then expanded it into their first full length album titled "Drive By Plane-ing".

The band toured regionally during the next year and soon returned to the studio to record the highly acclaimed "Ballet on Barbed Wire" which was named one of the top ten local albums of the year by NUVO Newsweekly. Not wanting to rest and relish in the CD's success, GBR struggled to move forward with writing new material due to various delays related to finding a new drummer.

After several auditions and much false hope, they found current drummer Sean. The newly revitalized group recorded 9 new songs for the 2006 release "enola" which they presented to the world at a CD release party at Birdy's on March 15, 2006.

August 2006, GBR parted ways with their original singer Tony. The band did not want to cancel any shows so they asked band friend Doc Gremore to fill in as a special guest vocalist on 9-2-06 at the Underground. He became a permanent fixture to the band after that show.


The M. Sommers Sessions

The M. Sommers Sessions

Year: 2006

Notes: Produced at various times and locations by M. Sommers.  More >>

Tracks: 5