Foggy Bottom Swamp Band

Derek Dechert Guitar, Vocals  
John Buetow Bass, Guitar, Vocal  
Kevin Rhodenbaugh Drums, Vocals  
Todd Cravens Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drum Machine  

Active: 1987 - 1987
Location: Kokomo, Indiana

Notes: After African Sleeping Sickness disbanded, Foggy Bottom collected a few of it's members and some other local musicians from Kokomo to play some casual gigs. Performing A.S.S. and Mind Altering Substances originals, their one recorded show is presented here.


Live @ Up with People benefit

Live @ Up with People benefit

Year: 1987

Notes: Recorded live to cassette by K.O. Learner. Digitized by Todd Cravens.  More >>

Tracks: 5