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The Buetow Sessions

Artist: Dürt
Year: 1986

Notes: These sessions were recorded one afternoon by John Buetow in Norm's dining room. We met John via his band, African Sleeping Sickness, whose album (We're Destroying Ourselves - also recorded by Buetow) we loved. The vocals are kind of low in the mix, and we never got around to re-recording them, but the definitive versions of some of the songs are represented, nonetheless. Kevin had replaced Mike on bass at this point, and he contributed the song "Hypocrite," which was a smash hit that summer.

Recorded by the Buetow Mobile Unit at Norm Auzin's Fine Dining Room Studio 1986 Produced, engineered, and mixed by John Buetow. Digitized by Todd Cravens.

1 track noteseat the dead   03:20 Download Play MP3
2 track notesskate skank   01:24 Download Play MP3
3 track noteshypocrite   01:16 Download Play MP3
4 track notescadence of souls   01:46 Download Play MP3
5 track notesheroes   02:19 Download Play MP3
6 track noteswhat's it for?   01:41 Download Play MP3
7 track noteswill i ever find out?   03:35 Download Play MP3