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Live @ Rich Fruth's

Artist: Dürt
Year: 1986

Notes: So, Rich Fruth threw a party on a Saturday afternoon in the summer of '86 at his parent's house in Stonybrook, and he asked us to play (good move, Rich). Shortly before we started blasting the music out of the garage into the neighborhood, Rich kept telling Jello not to use profanity over the PA, which only served to aggravate Jello's case of Tourettes. It's a wonder that no one called the cops, considering his neighbors we're all doctors and lawyers who spent a lot of time on and/or owned golf courses. Norm (who lived directly across the court from Rich) was away at Culver Military Academy for the summer, so we had AJ McKinney fill in while he was away. Kevin plays bass at this show too.

Recorded live at Rich Fruth's Garage Amphitheater 1986. Additional guitar tracks by Todd Cravens recorded at Learner Farms in '86. Digitized by Todd Cravens.

1 track notesno more mr. nice guy   02:46 Download Play MP3
2 track notesskate skank   01:47 Download Play MP3
3 track notesdeath sentence   04:31 Download Play MP3
4 track noteswhat's it for?   01:39 Download Play MP3
5 track noteshypocrite   02:22 Download Play MP3
6 track notesmodern life 2   03:16 Download Play MP3
7 track notesso much more   02:55 Download Play MP3
8 track noteswill i ever find out   04:10 Download Play MP3
9 track noteseat the dead   04:00 Download Play MP3
10 track notesschool's a drag   02:18 Download Play MP3
11 track noteswe will rock you   01:48 Download Play MP3