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Dining Room Demo

Artist: Dürt
Year: 1986

Notes: These demos were recorded on a boombox in Norm's dining room, winter of '85/'86. Mike had only been playing his Hondo bass for, uh, a week or two at this point, but he held it down and became an official member until he went to boot camp the following summer. The tape we used to record with had some sort of Judeo/Christian "holy land" music previously recorded on it (courtesy of Todd's mom), and one can hear a bit of it at the beginning of "School's a Drag." One can also hear Norm's family dog barking at the end of "Road Kill" (coincidence?). When we played the tape back and heard all of this errata, an overwhelming sense of diabolical mischief came over us, and we decided to leave it in order to irreversibly damage the psyche of the unsuspecting listener.

Recorded at Norm Auzins Fine Dining Room Studio '85. Recorded by Dürt. Digitized by Todd Cravens. Illustration by Andy Dimmitt.

1 track notescruisin' with grandma   03:36 Download Play MP3
2 track noteseat the dead   01:57 Download Play MP3
3 track noteswhat's it for?   01:53 Download Play MP3
4 track notescadence of souls   02:03 Download Play MP3
5 track notesheroes   02:24 Download Play MP3
7 track noteswill i ever find out?   03:31 Download Play MP3
8 track notesmad dog 20/20   01:01 Download Play MP3
9 track noteslittle kiddies   02:35 Download Play MP3
10 track notesmodern life   02:22 Download Play MP3
11 track notesschool's a drag   02:42 Download Play MP3
12 track notesroad kill   01:40 Download Play MP3