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Dürt Meets the Girls of Kokomo

Artist: Dürt
Year: 1985

Notes: This collection features the very first Dürt recordings from the fall of '85 before Jello joined the band, featuring original bassist, Tim Hargove.

Also included are various recordings featuring the founding members of Dürt that were recorded before the band was formed and after they split up. Of note is the only recording in existence of Mike Tarr on vocals ("Where Were You").

Track 1: Kevin Rhodenbaugh -vocals, bass / Todd Cravens - guitar, vocal / Tim Hargrove - Drums / recorded at Rhodenbaugh Audio '83

Tracks 2-3 (first Dürt recordings, aka the White Chocolate sessions): Todd Cravens - vocals, guitar, jew harp / Tim Hargrove - bass / Norm Auzins - drums /// recorded in Norm's basement '85.

Tracks 4-6: Matt Walden - vocals, guitar / Kevin Rhodenbaugh - vocals, drums / recorded at Taylor High School '85

Track 7-8: Mike Tarr - lead vocal on "Where Were You" / Todd Cravens -vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass / Tim Hargrove - drums, bass, vocals / Matt Cantrell - guitar, vocals / recorded at the Learner Mansion '86.

1 track noteswhen you leave   02:26 Download Play MP3
2 track notest.v. zombies   05:52 Download Play MP3
3 track notesmystic memory   05:56 Download Play MP3
4 track notespacifix   04:30 Download Play MP3
5 track notesmindless   03:39 Download Play MP3
6 track noteswish you were here   02:43 Download Play MP3
7 track noteswhere were you?   01:08 Download Play MP3
8 track noteshell hole   02:44 Download Play MP3