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Suite : Kids

Artist: M. Sommers
Year: 2010

Notes: On April 28, 2010, my wife Holly and I decided to take part in Big Car Gallery's Thrift store music project. The challenge was to create and perform ten minutes of music from whatever we could find at a designated thrift store for $25. We had 72 hours to shop for instruments, modify them, write the songs and perform them in front of an audience at the Central Library in Indianapolis. We invited Dark Matter Halos drummer Jeff Lee to join us. We created six songs of varying styles, each one about a child in our life. Calling it "Suite:Kids", we performed our songs with nine other acts to a crowd of 200. We won second place.

Clocking in at just eight minutes, this release represents my formal recordings of the songs we created for that performance, using many of the items purchased at the thrift store. I'm proud of this children's album and our creative effort towards the contest that inspired it.

You can view the video of our experience collecting items and writing the songs HERE

You can view the video of our performance HERE

1 track notesjoe   01:10 Download Play MP3
2 track notesjosie   01:12 Download Play MP3
3 track noteslucy   01:22 Download Play MP3
4 track noteseliot   01:37 Download Play MP3
5 track notesabby   01:35 Download Play MP3
6 track notesriley   01:12 Download Play MP3