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Artist: M. Sommers
Year: 2007

Notes: I've always enjoyed doing cover songs, especially when I can put my own twist on them. In the summer of 2007 I started dissecting tunes for a cover album. What makes a song memorable? It's hook? It's delivery or lyrics? The point of experiment was to take compositions by some of my favorite artists and re-do them, often removing the hook element (Madonna's synth sound, Talking Head's percussion, the Who's explosiveness) to see if the tracks still held up as fully realized songs. Sort of an exercise in Devo-esque deconstructionism. To further the effect, the instrumentation on these cuts is mostly organic (banjo, acoustic guitar, ukulele, toy piano) while the voice and drums are often artificial and effected. A compelling country-techno hybrid emerged. Do you recognize any of these?

1 track notesray of lite   04:08 Download Play MP3
2 track notesyou really got me   02:39 Download Play MP3
3 track notesputin it down   02:09 Download Play MP3
4 track notesare you gonna go my way?   02:28 Download Play MP3
5 track notesbaba o riley   03:25 Download Play MP3
6 track notesgirl u want   02:19 Download Play MP3
7 track notesi need to know   02:20 Download Play MP3
8 track notesthis must be the place   03:30 Download Play MP3
9 track noteswaiting for my man   03:30 Download Play MP3
10 track notescry for love   03:18 Download Play MP3
11 track notesits gonna rain   03:25 Download Play MP3
12 track notesburning love   03:04 Download Play MP3